What to expect

  • 10 hours of instruction, professionally filmed and edited
  • 46 chapters of in-depth explanation and demonstration of how to deal with cracks, shown on 4 different scenarios
  • Detailed instruction on the cleaning, gluing, filling, retouching and securing of the cracks
  • A 15-page PDF file of materials used on the course and their suppliers
  • English captions are available throughout
  • Each of the 46 lectures/videos has a comment section where you can ask questions and start a conversation with myself and other users
  • Unlimited anytime access to this course on Teachable once purchased (the course is not downloadable)
  • Upon completion of the course you will be issued with a certificate

Course Content

This is a 10 hour course comprising 46 chapters where I walk you through the process of dealing with cracks on 4 different scenarios, including 3 cracks on a violin front, a violin rib crack, a wormtrack on a cello front and cracks in the chinrest area of a violin front that needed improving just from the outside.

I explain and demonstrate the process of decision making on whether or not to open up a crack, the cleaning and gluing of the cracks and using wood filler or shavings if required, the importance and use of filler varnish as well as the retouching and finishing process and securing the cracks on the inside of the instruments.

Included in this course is a 15-page PDF file with a comprehensive list of the materials I use during the course and their suppliers.

Treble Side F-hole Wing Crack

Wing cracks are one of the most common cracks we encounter and have to deal with on a regular basis. On this course I show each step of how to get from A to B repairing this wing crack.

Upper Bout Front Crack

This upper bout crack ran along the whole length of the upper bout, from the C-edge to the top of the plate. The lower part of the crack had quite a gap along it. On the course, I show how I dealt with this scenario.

Cracks In Chinrest Area

On the course, I show how the look of some cracks can be improved from the outside without the front being removed.

Upper Bout Rib Crack

This slab-cut rib crack was tricky to deal with. I walk you through the process of cleaning, stabilising, gluing, filling, retouching and securing this crack.

Bass Side F-Hole Wing Crack

This bass side wing crack is another good example of showing the cleaning, gluing, filling and retouching of a crack.

Worm Track On Cello Front

In this scenario, I demonstrate how to deal with a wormtrack using wood shavings to cover the area for the best visual outcome.

Online Course on Crack Repair

  PDF file of list of materials and suppliers
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Deciding on the right approach and doing preparation work
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Using filler varnish, removal of old retouch, gluing cracks and exploration of a wormtrack
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Preparation work and gluing of shavings over the wormtrack and using Deft
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Retouching and staining the shavings
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Securing the cracks and finishing
Available in days
days after you enroll

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Crack Repair Course

"Gluing cracks is a regular and important part of maintaining instruments of the violin family but the correct procedures for repairing them can sometimes be overlooked. This course is therefore most welcome as it demonstrates every stage involved in dealing with several commonly encountered crack repairs. Through Evie Troy's excellent and unobtrusive videography, the viewer is guided through the initial assessment before embarking on cleaning, gluing, filling and reinforcing the cracks, before concluding with retouching. All is clearly explained and skilfully demonstrated as might be expected after the success of Iris's previous neck graft course."

Andrew Fairfax

Violin Maker and Restorer

"This online course is a most welcome follow-up on the pioneering neck graft instructions which Iris Carr released a year ago. I find it amazing to be invited into Iris Carr’s workshop and learn from one of the world’s leading violin restorers! I particularly enjoy how Iris Carr constantly discusses the situation with herself while explaining her actions and consequences of the techniques being used. While viewing the problem from different angles, she demonstrates that high end restoration is all about skill, experience and a huge amount of good taste! The filming by Evie Troy also deserves high honours. The clarity of colours, the sharp images and the extreme close-up videography is – like the work of Iris – very tastefully done, with the utmost care and skill. The quiet pace and progress of the filming really takes the stress out of the situation – which in turn ensures a better forum for a learning process!

In short, this course in crack repair is amazing and Iris Carr has done it again!"

Jens Stenz

Violin Maker

"Iris Carr's course on crack repair and retouching is a thorough examination of her techniques and methodology. It takes the viewer along for the process on several projects, all presented logically while being beautifully shot and edited. It's sure to become a staple in repair resources for years to come!"

Jerry Lynn, Violin Restorer

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