Matching New Wood to Old

& Retouching

Zoom Lecture on Matching New Wood to Old & Retouching

This Zoom lecture on matching new wood to old & retouching was organised by the Rowan Armour Brown Memorial Trust for a group of violinmaking students in the UK, recorded on the 26th of March 2021. The Trust has been supporting student violinmakers, restorers and bow makers since 1999. 50% of the proceeds from the sale of this Zoom lecture will be donated to the Trust.

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Topics discussed in this Zoom lecture

In this Zoom lecture I discuss each of the 7 steps on how to match a new piece of wood to an old instrument including wood treatment, staining and retouching. It also covers the materials I use for my retouch varnish, pigments and brushes as well as the application method.

This Zoom lecture totals 1 hour and 05 minutes

Apart from the edited video of the Zoom lecture, you will also gain unlimited access to the PowerPoint Presentation in PDF format comprising of 21 slides as well as a short video clip showing the mixing of varnish, alcohol and pigments in my palette and application.

The video and the PDF file are not downloadable.

Sealing the Joints


Creating Texture




"Are you a repairer/restorer or an inquisitive player? You could not be in better hands. Iris knows what she is doing and what's incredible is that she is willing to share it with you!

"For the first time ever we, the RAB Trust have instigated international zoom lectures for students. Iris is not only offering all her knowledge on this subject but is splitting the proceeds with the Trust. When you buy this 'Retouch' package, over an hour of informative professional application, you not only support your own learning, but you'll be contributing to the future of violin making. Do not underestimate what is being offered. By purchasing this Zoom lecture, you are supporting the next generation whilst vastly improving your own skill set and knowledge!"

Judith Blackwell
RAB Trust Founder 

"Iris demonstrates what can be done by working intelligently with a relatively straightforward range of materials that she knows inside out. Full details of the products are given, with alternatives for the few that might be harder to source. As well as giving a thorough, step-by-step guide to techniques, Iris shows through her inspiring photographs just what can be achieved in the hands of a consummate professional."

Helen Michetschläger
Chair, RAB Trust 

The 7 Step Process

Each of the 7 steps gets discussed in detail in this Zoom lecture

Zoom lecture on the 7-Step Process & Retouching

  Zoom lecture on Matching New Wood to Old & Retouching as well as PDF file of PowerPoint slides
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Minimal Invasion and Reversibility

Preservation of the original wood and varnish as well as reversibility of everything we do to the instruments is of the utmost importance in violin restoration

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